Why is it better to recycle copper?

For nearly 5,000 years, we believed copper was the only available metal on planet Earth, copper was first used by humans over 10,000 years ago, its estimated that global resources are around 5.8 trillion pounds. Almost all copper is still in circulation today, a big factor of this is copper’s recycling rate is higher than many other metals used for engineering. The demand for copper is huge and comes with many benefits by recycling, including financial and environmental, recycled copper is almost the same amount as all new copper mined yearly.

We do not need to use landfill sites

With waste from commercial and residential increasing every year, there is an increased demand for landfill sites in the UK. Landfill sites are quickly filling up and the cost of maintaining and filling a landfill is rising. We believe in recycling copper rather than adding to the problem, your recycled copper can be re-used without any loss of quality in another new product

Recycling copper uses less energy than refining new

Recycled copper uses only 10-15% of energy needed to extract and mine new copper from its raw source. An estimated 12-13% of copper has so far been mined, but it is common sense to conserve the resources that remain for future generations to come.

Conserving copper ore

Conservation of copper core is very important, although we have copper reserves we can mine, it is a finite resource meaning when it’s gone, it’s gone. With high demand in copper we need to recycle as much as we can so we have enough copper in circulation to meet current needs.

Recycling is cheaper than extracting and mining new copper

Even though mining copper costs are getting cheaper, it is far more economical to recycle copper than it is to extract and mine new copper ore. Recycled copper value is worth up to 90% of the cost of raw copper.

Great for local economies

The recycling of scrap copper is also incredibly important to local economies across the country; it creates local jobs throughout the entire recycling chain – from collecting, recycling and processing copper scrap to manufacturing into a new reusable product. At Reclamet, our experienced, fully accredited local team are employed to use only the latest processing technology for recycling both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Minimise toxins released into the wider environment

Copper refining of new copper is toxic because of polluntants into the atmosphere which are harmful to the environment, in contrast copper recycling is a relatively safe process being a more environmentally friendly choice by minimising harmful gases and toxins.

Copper is certainly one of the scrap metals that we recycle regularly at Reclamet. We offer metal tradesmen and merchants top prices for your copper recycling.

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