Cable Prices in the UK, Today

Updated 18th October, 2021

Cable Prices (per ton/tonne)*
VIR Cable (41%, no plugs or reels) – £2,370
LG Cable Basis (25%) – £1,500
Singles – £3,450

*Scrap metal prices change on a daily basis. The above prices are based on estimates per ton.
For up to date scrap cable prices get a scrap quote or call 01843 823554.

Scrap Cable Prices

A cable is an insulated wire or wires housed in a protective casing. Cables are used to send electricity or telecommunication signals.

What metals are inside cables?

Cables can contain many different metals, copper is the most common metal used, also used are aluminium and steel. Steel and aluminium have a lower conductivity than copper but are being increasingly used due to their lower cost. It can also depend on the environment in which they’re used, due to corrosion or rust risks. Less common is gold and silver that is also used for electric cables. Gold and silver are great for conductivity, also too costly for wide commercial usage.

Where are cables generally found?

Electrical devices contain a cable that conducts electrical current. As such, there is a huge range of items which will contain electrical cables. You will find large amounts of computer monitors and TVs. Also found inside household electronics such as fridges, microwaves and computer hard drives. Reclamet are specialists in recycling wires.

What are the different types of scrap cable?
  • Household Cable / VIR 40%
  • Single Cable 65%
  • Wiring Looms 55% (No Fuseboard / ECU)
  • Low-Grade Cable / Armoured Cable 25%
  • Clean Pyro
  • Plastic Pyro
Electrical cable recycling / WEEE recycling
  • IT Equipment Recycling
  • Computer Recycling
  • Laptop Recycling
  • Monitor/LCD Recycling
  • Server Recycling
  • Hard Drive Recycling
  • Circuit Board Recycling
  • Office Equipment Recycling
  • Computer Spares Recycling
  • Secure Data Destruction
Cable recycling for commercial businesses in the UK

Do you have any leftover cabling, electrical installations, IT equipment or unusable or leftover wires and cables? You must recycle your cables under environmental legislation. We collect, buy and recycle cables from businesses across Kent and pay top scrap cable prices.

Best scrap cable prices

We recycle all quantities of scrap cables and non-ferrous metals. We can collect large quantities from commercial or commercial premises. If you are looking for the best scrap cable recycling prices, let us take care of that for you.

Reclamet pay top prices for scrap cables.
Tel: 01843 823554 / 01843 823224
Scrap metal types
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