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Guaranteed cheapest price for part worn or used tyres, we stock all major brands and tyre sizes for all car makes and models.


We have stock a large selection of new and used tyres, we cater for every car model and car make in our expansive tyre catalogue.

So whether you need car, van, 4×4 or even caravan tyres – we’ve got you covered. With low prices and cheap tyre prices.


When your tyres are first fitted, they will be perfectly balanced. Everyday road use means that your tires they will be thrown off balance.

Maintaining tyre balance is vital for avoiding all kinds of problems. Regular maintenance will ensure tyre health, grip and longevity.


Tyre punctures are from driving over a potholes, kerbs or sharp objects such as nails, stones or glass.

The good news is that about 50% of all flat tyres caused by a puncture.

We can repair your tyre, avoiding the need of a replacement!


Tyre maintenance ensures optimal performance for braking, steering and efficiency on the road. It’s a legal requirement that your tyre meet a minimum standard. Failure could lead to penalty points on your licence or a hefty fine.


We provide our customers with as much choice as possible. Cheap budget tyres for affordability, premium tires for performance. Are you looking for affordable specialist tyre services? For friendly and professional tyre advice, contact us.


Free tyre fitting, valve and balance on all new/part worn tyres, specialists in low profile tyres for high performance cars in Kent.


  • Your car is not performing as well in wet weather
  • Your car doesn’t handle or grip well on the road
  • Your car takes longer to stop when you brake

Tyre wear is a gradual process, having regular monthly tyre checks we recommend.


  • Wet weather tyres
  • Increased performance in icy weather and low temperatures
  • Durable tyres in winter conditions

Winter tyres contain a higher percentage of rubber than a standard tyre. Winter tires have a better grip on the road in low temperatures.


  • You can drive for a short distance with a puncture
  • Drive when the tyre is flat
  • You can get to a safe place to repair or replace the tyre

Run flat tyres should not be driven above 30mph and more than 50 miles. We do not recommend repairing run flat tires after use.


Guaranteed cheapest price for part worn or used tyres, we stock all major brands and tyre sizes for all car makes and models.

Premium Tyre Brands
Avon tyres • Bridgestone tyres • Continental tyres • Dunlop tyres • Firestone tyres • Goodyear tyres • Hankook tyres • Michelin tyres • Pirelli tyres • Uniroyal tyres • Yokohama tyres

Mid-Range Tyre Brands
BFGoodrich tyres • Fulda tyres • Marshal tyres • Nankang tyres • Toyo tyres

Budget Tyre Brands
Anchee tyres • Annaite tyres • Antares tyres • Aoteli tyres • Aptany tyres • Ardent tyres • Austone tyres • Boto tyres • Centara tyres • Charmhoo tyres • Comforser tyres • Compasal tyres • Compass tyres • Crossleader tyres • Debica tyres • Delinte tyres • Delmax tyres • Doublestar tyres • Durun tyres • Eternity tyres • Fronway tyres • Fulda tyres • Fullrun tyres • Fullway tyres • Goalstar tyres • Goform tyres • Goldway tyres • Gopro tyres • Gremax tyres • Grenlander tyres • Habilead tyres • Haida tyres • Hifly tyres • Hilo tyres • Horizon tyres • Ilink tyres • Imperial tyres • Infinity tyres • Invovic tyres • Journey tyres • Joyroad tyres • Keter tyres • Lanvigator tyres • Laufenn tyres • Luxxan tyres • Maxtrek tyres • Minerva tyres • Minnell tyres • Neolin tyres • Nereus tyres • Nordexx tyres • Powertrac tyres • Rapid tyres • Roadcruza tyres • Roadking tyres • Routeway tyres • Rydanz tyres • Saferich tyres • Sailun tyres • Sailwin tyres • Sunny tyres • Torque tyres • Trazano tyres • Vinmax tyres • Vredestein tyres • Winrun tyres • Yatone tyres • Zmax tyres

Tyre Fitting - Tyre Bay


All major tyre brands in stock or ordered with free fitting, part worn and new car, van and 4×4 tyres from £15, unbeatable value.

Popular tyre sizes with a 12″ rim size
135/80 R12 Tyres
145/70 R12 Tyres
145/80 R12 Tyres
155/70 R12 Tyres
155/80 R12 Tyres
165/60 R12 Tyres

Popular tyre sizes with a 13″ rim size
135/80 R13 Tyres
145/60 R13 Tyres
145/70 R13 Tyres
145/80 R13 Tyres
155/65 R13 Tyres
155/70 R13 Tyres
155/80 R13 Tyres
165/55 R13 Tyres
165/65 R13 Tyres
165/70 R13 Tyres
165/80 R13 Tyres
175/50 R13 Tyres
175/60 R13 Tyres
175/65 R13 Tyres
175/70 R13 Tyres
175/80 R13 Tyres
185/60 R13 Tyres
185/70 R13 Tyres
195/50 R13 Tyres
205/60 R13 Tyres

Popular tyre sizes with a 14″ rim size
115/70 R14 Tyres
135/80 R14 Tyres
145/65 R14 Tyres
145/80 R14 Tyres
155/65 R14 Tyres
155/65 R14 Tyres
155/70 R14 Tyres
155/80 R14 Tyres
165/60 R14 Tyres
165/65 R14 Tyres
165/70 R14 Tyres
165/75 R14 Tyres
165/80 R14 Tyres
175/50 R14 Tyres
175/60 R14 Tyres
175/65 R14 Tyres
175/70 R14 Tyres
175/75 R14 Tyres
175/80 R14 Tyres
185/50 R14 Tyres
185/55 R14 Tyres
185/60 R14 Tyres
185/65 R14 Tyres
185/70 R14 Tyres
185/75 R14 Tyres
185/80 R14 Tyres
195/45 R14 Tyres
195/60 R14 Tyres
195/65 R14 Tyres
195/70 R14 Tyres
195/75 R14 Tyres
195/80 R14 Tyres
205/60 R14 Tyres
205/70 R14 Tyres
205/75 R14 Tyres
205/80 R14 Tyres
215/75 R14 Tyres
215/80 R14 Tyres

Popular tyre sizes with a 15″ rim size
115/70 R15 Tyres
125/70 R15 Tyres
125/80 R15 Tyres
125/90 R15 Tyres
135/70 R15 Tyres
135/80 R15 Tyres
145/65 R15 Tyres
155/60 R15 Tyres
155/65 R15 Tyres
155/80 R15 Tyres
165/50 R15 Tyres
165/55 R15 Tyres
165/60 R15 Tyres
165/65 R15 Tyres
165/80 R15 Tyres
175/50 R15 Tyres
175/55 R15 Tyres
175/60 R15 Tyres
175/65 R15 Tyres
185/55 R15 Tyres
185/60 R15 Tyres
185/65 R15 Tyres
185/80 R15 Tyres
195/45 R15 Tyres
195/50 R15 Tyres
195/55 R15 Tyres
195/60 R15 Tyres
195/65 R15 Tyres
195/70 R15 Tyres
195/80 R15 Tyres
205/45 R15 Tyres
205/50 R15 Tyres
205/55 R15 Tyres
205/60 R15 Tyres
205/65 R15 Tyres
205/70 R15 Tyres
205/75 R15 Tyres
215/60 R15 Tyres
215/65 R15 Tyres
215/70 R15 Tyres
215/75 R15 Tyres
215/80 R15 Tyres
225/50 R15 Tyres
225/60 R15 Tyres
225/70 R15 Tyres
225/75 R15 Tyres
235/60 R15 Tyres
235/70 R15 Tyres
235/75 R15 Tyres
245/75 R15 Tyres
255/60 R15 Tyres
255/65 R15 Tyres
255/70 R15 Tyres
265/70 R15 Tyres
265/75 R15 Tyres
275/60 R15 Tyres

Popular tyre sizes with a 16″ rim size
115/70 R16 Tyres
125/70 R16 Tyres
125/80 R16 Tyres
125/85 R16 Tyres
125/90 R16 Tyres
135/70 R16 Tyres
135/90 R16 Tyres
145/90 R16 Tyres
175/50 R16 Tyres
175/50 R16 Tyres
175/60 R16 Tyres
175/75 R16 Tyres
175/80 R16 Tyres
185/50 R16 Tyres
185/55 R16 Tyres
185/60 R16 Tyres
185/65 R16 Tyres
185/75 R16 Tyres
195/40 R16 Tyres
195/45 R16 Tyres
195/50 R16 Tyres
195/55 R16 Tyres
195/60 R16 Tyres
195/65 R16 Tyres
195/70 R16 Tyres
195/75 R16 Tyres
205/40 R16 Tyres
205/45 R16 Tyres
205/50 R16 Tyres
205/55 R16 Tyres
205/60 R16 Tyres
205/65 R16 Tyres

Popular tyre sizes with a 18″ rim size
285/55 R18 Tyres
285/60 R18 Tyres
295/30 R18 Tyres
295/35 R18 Tyres
315/30 R18 Tyres
335/30 R18 Tyres

Popular tyre sizes with a 19″ rim size
125/70 R19 Tyres
135/70 R19 Tyres
155/70 R19 Tyres
155/80 R19 Tyres
175/80 R19 Tyres
215/35 R19 Tyres
225/35 R19 Tyres
225/40 R19 Tyres
225/45 R19 Tyres
225/55 R19 Tyres
235/35 R19 Tyres
235/40 R19 Tyres
235/45 R19 Tyres
235/50 R19 Tyres
235/55 R19 Tyres
245/30 R19 Tyres
245/35 R19 Tyres
245/40 R19 Tyres
245/45 R19 Tyres
255/30 R19 Tyres
255/35 R19 Tyres
255/40 R19 Tyres
255/40 R19 Tyres
255/50 R19 Tyres
255/55 R19 Tyres
265/30 R19 Tyres
265/35 R19 Tyres
265/40 R19 Tyres
265/50 R19 Tyres
265/55 R19 Tyres
275/30 R19 Tyres
275/35 R19 Tyres
275/40 R19 Tyres
275/45 R19 Tyres
275/50 R19 Tyres
275/55 R19 Tyres
285/30 R19 Tyres
285/35 R19 Tyres
285/40 R19 Tyres
285/45 R19 Tyres
295/30 R19 Tyres
295/35 R19 Tyres
295/45 R19 Tyres
305/30 R19 Tyres
315/25 R19 Tyres
325/30 R19 Tyres
345/35 R19 Tyres

Popular tyre sizes with a 20″ rim size
155/65 R20 Tyres
165/60 R20 Tyres
225/30 R20 Tyres
225/35 R20 Tyres
235/30 R20 Tyres
235/35 R20 Tyres
235/45 R20 Tyres
235/55 R20 Tyres
245/30 R20 Tyres
245/35 R20 Tyres
245/40 R20 Tyres
245/45 R20 Tyres
245/50 R20 Tyres
255/30 R20 Tyres
255/35 R20 Tyres
255/40 R20 Tyres
255/45 R20 Tyres
255/50 R20 Tyres
255/55 R20 Tyres
265/30 R20 Tyres
265/35 R20 Tyres
265/40 R20 Tyres
265/45 R20 Tyres
265/50 R20 Tyres
275/30 R20 Tyres
275/35 R20 Tyres
275/40 R20 Tyres
275/45 R20 Tyres
275/50 R20 Tyres
275/55 R20 Tyres
275/60 R20 Tyres
285/25 R20 Tyres
285/30 R20 Tyres
285/35 R20 Tyres
285/40 R20 Tyres
285/50 R20 Tyres
295/25 R20 Tyres
295/30 R20 Tyres
295/35 R20 Tyres
295/40 R20 Tyres
295/40 R20 Tyres
295/45 R20 Tyres
305/35 R20 Tyres
305/45 R20 Tyres
315/30 R20 Tyres
315/35 R20 Tyres
315/35 R20 Tyres
325/25 R20 Tyres
335/30 R20 Tyres
345/30 R20 Tyres

Popular tyre sizes with a 21″ rim size
245/30 R21 Tyres
245/35 R21 Tyres
245/40 R21 Tyres
255/30 R21 Tyres
255/35 R21 Tyres
255/40 R21 Tyres
255/50 R21 Tyres
265/30 R21 Tyres
265/35 R21 Tyres
265/40 R21 Tyres
265/45 R21 Tyres
275/30 R21 Tyres
275/35 R21 Tyres
275/40 R21 Tyres
275/45 R21 Tyres
285/30 R21 Tyres
285/35 R21 Tyres
285/45 R21 Tyres
295/25 R21 Tyres
295/30 R21 Tyres
295/35 R21 Tyres
295/40 R21 Tyres
325/25 R21 Tyres
325/30 R21 Tyres
355/25 R21 Tyres

Popular tyre sizes with a 22″ rim size
245/30 R22 Tyres
255/30 R22 Tyres
265/30 R22 Tyres
265/35 R22 Tyres
265/40 R22 Tyres
275/35 R22 Tyres
275/40 R22 Tyres
285/35 R22 Tyres
285/45 R22 Tyres
295/25 R22 Tyres
295/30 R22 Tyres
295/35 R22 Tyres
305/30 R22 Tyres
305/40 R22 Tyres
305/45 R22 Tyres
315/30 R22 Tyres
335/25 R22 Tyres

Popular tyre sizes with a 23″+ rim size
315/25 R23 Tyres
305/35 R24 Tyres
325/35 R28 Tyres

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Reclamet Limited
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Excellant Serivce,very helpful and polite serivce I would recommend everyone to use reclamet.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the rating 🙂
Great help and very quick. Jamie helped me with what I needed and was very polite and efficient, definitely recommend
I would like to thank for very professional approach and help with small missing part - passenger plastic cover buckle - which I urgently needed for passing MOT. Thank you Rosie - she was very helpful and friendly.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the rating and feedback 🙂
Brilliant service received from Reclamet! We dealt with Lydia who was very helpful and efficient
Response from the owner: Thank you for the rating and feedback 🙂
Perfect fitting part at an amazing price.Fast delivery and great service.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the rating and feedback 🙂
Went to reclamet today for two tyres. Drove straight in and was met with a friendly smile from two employees. I told them what I wanted and before I knew it the car had been jacked up wheels off,new tyres on ..done. Always visit and always a great job smile and banter 10/10 guys
Response from the owner: Thank you for the rating and feedback 🙂
Good service
Response from the owner: Thank you for the review and rating 🙂
All good, as promised. Highly recommended!!
Response from the owner: Thank you for the rating and feedback 🙂
Can’t recommend this company enough! Thanks to Rob especially for the work he completed on my car and my sons! Work was superb! All completed very quickly and to an excellent standard. Everyone who we had contact with face to face or on the telephone were so helpful. Thanks again Rob for coming and collecting my car and bringing it back! I really appreciate it.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the rating and feedback 🙂
A very professional set- up; highly efficient, friendly and above all trustworthy. The lady in the office was extremely helpful in providing the document for processing the scrapping of a foreign registered vehicle.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the rating 🙂
Really easy to deal with good communication van picked up on time would highly recommend
Response from the owner: Thank you for the rating and feedback 🙂
Inquired about a drivers door mirror for my VW Golf, Reclamet team got back to me very promptly to say they had one and in colour!!Many photos showed the mirror as it was with a few blemishes to the coloured cover. Swapping over was quite easy, used my existing cover as it had fewer marks. Keep the Reclamet one aside in case I decide to get it repainted. Came across them from the guys at Salvage Rebuilds, will use Reclamet if / when the need arises. Arrive very well packaged. Excellent service.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the rating and feedback 🙂
This company is extremely helpful, Sadie in particular assisted me throughout the purchase of an item, although it was not needed in the end, the refund was issued and dealt with so efficiently.I would highly recommend this company. Sadie is friendly, efficient, and very professional.Thank you
Response from the owner: Thank you for the rating and feedback 🙂
Excellent service prompt and efficient
Response from the owner: Thank you for the rating and feedback 🙂
What an amazing service from Rosie and her team. Your service was outstanding from start to finish x thank you ❤️
Response from the owner: Thank you for the rating and feedback 🙂
So helpful, so professional! 10/10 communication and my car looks like it scraped past that wall 😅 Thank you!
Response from the owner: Thank you for the rating and feedback 🙂
Great help from all the staff in salvage especially Fred!
From start to finish this was such an amazing and professional service. I had a rear bumper replaced on my BMW and it has been fitted and resprayed to perfection. Thanks so much to Rosie and the whole team at Reclamet for making this such a pleasant and stress free experience. I'll be back for my wheel refurb soon 😊

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