Scrap Metal Prices in the UK

What are the current scrap metal prices in the UK?

Scrap metal prices are continually changing as salvaged material is a product that demonstrations similarly to oil or some other common asset. The cost will fluctuate dependent on gracefully and request, cash changes and different variables. Different metal evaluations will all bring different prices to the UK metal market.

Scrap metal prices in the UK change every day, so it’s regularly hard to build up an expected figure of what your salvaged material is worth. To assist you with estimating your metal, please call today for current valuing. Additionally, on the off chance that you need assistance ordering your metal, at that point, please connect, and we can help.

Scrap vehicles, extra copper piping and wiring and even broken apparatuses, for example, cookers and clothes washers, are ultimately viewed as salvaged material. Salvaged material costs in the UK differ day by day, so before you head to your local scrap yard to sell your salvaged material, it could be a smart thought to check salvaged material costs.

Best scrap metal prices in the UK.

The price of salvaged metal trades just like any other market does in the UK. The spot value you may get for your salvaged materials today could be through and through various tomorrow. The UK salvaged material costs are furthermore spoken to by regional and local demand, so the prices in London can be not quite the same as the costs in Birmingham, Leeds or Manchester.

What type of metals do scrap yards buy?

All scrap yards purchase non-ferrous and ferrous metals.

Different Grades of Scrap Metal

Grade 1: These types of scrap metal do not have any other alloy types associated with them. To be classed as grade 1, the metal must be of specific dimensions and should not be in any way corroded. Grade 1 metal is generally classed as being pure.

Grade 2: Contrary to grade 1 examples of scrap, grade 2 consists of alloys in addition to the primary material. Like grade 1, grade 2 should also not be corroded or mixed with other non-alloy materials.

Other Types: In addition to the above two types, castings and sheets are specialist types of scrap metal that can be worth more than more generic forms of metal.

Scrap metal recycling prices UK.

There is a broad scope of advantages of reusing salvaged material in the UK. It would not be exclusively able to make you some additional money. It likewise dramatically encourages us to keep the planet clean. We don’t have to scour our world for different materials on the off chance that we reuse them again and again. Salvaged material can be reused on many occasions, sparing a considerable number of pounds worth of vitality. However, UK scrap yards also help guarantee that the entirety of our metal utilising enterprises have the materials to continue running without permitting the whole of the significant salvaged material pieces to be winding up in a landfill.

Types of metals you can sell as scrap.

In the UK and many other countries, scrap is broken down into subdivisions, ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals. Different types of scrap metal will usually be accepted by scrap yards, and these are detailed more thoroughly below:

  • Types of machinery from industrial facilities.
  • Metallic waste products from commercial and industrial facilities.
  • Motor vehicles including cars, motorbikes, trucks, vans, and more.

Examples of ferrous scrap metals we buy include various types of iron and steel. You will find ferrous metals located within ordinary UK households, such as appliances and utensils. 

Examples of non-ferrous scrap metals that we buy include (these are the most popular forms) copper, aluminium, brass and more.

Numerous individuals in the UK are unconscious of the boundless accessibility of scrap metal sellers who are uncommonly quick to buy scrap metal each day. While most UK scrap yards have explicit guidelines for every particular kind of scrap metal, on the off chance that you meet these, at that point, it couldn’t be simpler to transform your materials into an extraordinary value utilising our scrap metal costs above.

A few instances of the best metals to sell at total costs per ton/kg in the UK incorporate aluminium, various kinds of cabling, radiators, wheels, expulsion, sheets, castings, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Essentially for copper, there is cabling, loops, wires and a wide range of sorts of combinations as well.

As should be obvious, deciding the sort of scrap you have can be a tangled issue that is off-putting for most individuals. Nonetheless, it is conceivable to rake in tons of cash when you move beyond this progression by taking each piece to the UK scrap metal yard.

Why you should sell your scrap metal.

Recycling scrap metal in the UK can give various advantages; financially, altruistically, and earth. While many may be worried about getting the best costs for their scrap metal, they disregard the benefits of recycling scrap metal proposals for the planet.

Scrap metal prices are unmistakably a major drawing factor for individuals hoping to bring in additional cash from their scrap metal in the UK. You will profit your neighbourhood network by giving metals to scrap yards as the scrap yard will likewise pick up income following the metals recycling. This way, this is then spent on the advancement of your locale.

As I referenced already, scrap metal recycling diminishes the prerequisite for mining metals somewhere else on the planet to help the expanding interest for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. What’s more, recycling likewise forestalls landfill destinations over the UK from getting stopped up with squander metal – instead, it very well may be used over and over.

Sell your scrap metal to us.

At Reclamet, we have long-standing relationships with our customers, which is a testament to our excellent service based on competitive price quotes, efficiency, and honesty. We also handle all scrap metals responsibly and in compliance with relevant legislation.

Who do we buy metals from?

We buy from anyone who has scrap metal, including the general public, local businesses, manufacturers, other scrap metal merchants, demolition, construction, contractors, organisations, service providers and government bodies.

How to sell your scrap metal?

Call into our yard. You don’t need an appointment.

If you have a large volume of metal and are interested in finding out about our collection service, contact us to discuss, or send your enquiry via our contact form, and we’ll give you a call.

Do I need to bring documentation with me?

Since the Scrap Metal Dealers Act in 2013, all scrap metal buyers, including mobile collectors, must ask you for proof of your photo ID and address, which must be dated no older than three months. A UK photo driving licence is the most straightforward form of identification, but if you want to use another type of ID, check here to find out more.

If you are scrapping a vehicle, bring the V5C registration document if you have it available, we can still scrap the car without it, but it makes it easier. 

As a licensed ATF, we can send you a certificate of destruction, CoD, to prove that you’re no longer the registered owner of the vehicle.

What you will need:

  • A bank account or a BREAD card (we can issue if required)

Identification, which can either be:

  • A valid Great Britain or Northern Ireland Photocard Driving Licence
  • A valid UK or EEA state Passport and a utility bill (not mobile phone), building society or bank statement, credit or debit card statement, council tax demand letter or statement which is no more than three months old.

What will happen on-site?

The entire process of coming into the site, weighing your vehicle on the weighbridge, reporting to the office, unloading your car and re-weighing your vehicle on exit will be the same as it’s always been. Nothing will change in this process.

For all casual customers, i.e., non-account customers, we will continue to ask you for proof of ID. This identity will be retained and copied with our records of the transaction.

Payment options:

Electronic bank transfer / BREAD payment or cheque.

Call Reclamet, The scrap car and metal specialists you can rely on:

Call: 01843 823554 / 01843 823224

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