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Reclamet is a local Kent business established in 1991. From our Birchington site in Thanet, we process non-ferrous and ferrous scrap metals. Metals we process are copper, brass, aluminium, stainless steel, lead. We also recycle pvc wire, consumer goods, cables, turnings and demolition scrap.

Scrap Metal Services

Providing scrap metal recycling to commercial, industrial and household customers in Kent. Whatever type of scrap metal you have we will pay you the best prices guaranteed. If you have large amount of scrap metal, we can arrange to pick it up with our scrap collection service.

Why choose Reclamet for recycling metals?

  • Top prices paid
  • Personal and friendly customer service
  • Free scrap metal collection
  • Free price estimates
  • Weighbridge available
  • Fully licensed Scrap Metal Merchants
  • Support a local business and local jobs

Scrap Metal Prices

Metal prices go up and down daily according to worldwide markets and this reflects on the prices we pay out. We ensure that you maximise the money for your scrap metal. We offer top prices that are up to date and in line with the best available metal rates.

Your metal scrap is weighed on our electronic weighbridge. We then provide you with a printed receipt detailing the weight of your metal and the current rate we pay.

Reclamet offer payment by cheque, BACS, BREAD card. We provide same day money transfers.

How can I get the best scrap metal prices?

The price of scrap metal changes day to day. Scrap metal prices depends on manufacturer demands and accessibility to stock available. Scrap metal increase if a manufacturer requires more of a certain commodity. Prices decrease if there is surplus to demand in the manufacturing industry.

Scrap metal grading and its effect on prices

Scrap metal prices depends on the grade of the metal. Metals have different classifications that make it a lower or higher grade.

Grade 1: The metal has no associated alloys within the material. There should be no corrosion associated with the scrap metal. The metal should be of a certain size and diameter.

Grade 2: Metals are typically made from alloys with the metal you want to scrap being the primary metal i.e. Grade 2 copper is normally 99% pure, while Grade 1 copper is 100% pure. To reach the highest level grading metals have to be clean and not be contaminated.

How can I find the current scrap metal prices?

The London Metal Exchange (LME) shows metal prices for the day as well as historical data. Call Reclamet today on for up to date metal prices.

When will scrap metal prices go up?

UK Scrap metal prices depends on many external markets. Exports of cheaper Chinese steel are a factor for pushing down the UK scrap prices.

As recent as September 2017 we saw a spike on the LME prices for steel.
We suggest that you check the markets to get the best possible scrap metal prices.

What scrap metal can I sell at Reclamet?

We buy ferrous and non-ferrous and all grades of metals. We can also scrap your car and end of life vehicles. Reclamet is a licensed Authorised Treatment Facility in Kent.

Do I need a scrap metal license? How can you sell scrap metal in a legal way? Find out the rules for selling scrap.

Scrap Metal Guidance

Selling scrap metal can earn you good money, so it’s with no surprise that people are eager to cash in. It’s even less surprising that some people are willing to bend the rules to pocket large amounts of cash.

News reports from across the UK about people receiving big fines for breaking the law. With this in mind, here’s our advice to anyone wanting to sell on some scrap metal. Be sure that your abiding by the rules, and you won’t get into any trouble by breaking the law.

Do not go out scrap metal collecting

While its legal to sell a scrap car or scrap metal from your own home. But if you’re going to collect scrap metal from a 3rd party, you then need a license. There are two kinds – a mobile collector’s license, and a site collector’s license.

If you do not own these licenses, it is then illegal to collect scrap metal from others. This includes visiting your neighbours to see if they have any scrap you can collect to sell on.

Taking scrap metal from skips, bins and abandoned sites – or any kind of scrap metal theft is breaking the law.

Insist on seeing their license before selling your scrap

Not everyone who drives around to collect scrap is legal. As explained above, it’s only legal when they have a mobile collector’s license.

If someone does ask if they can buy any scrap metal from the skip outside your home. Make sure you ask to see that their licensed.

Not only are you abiding by the law, you’ll also get the best price from a registered scrap metal dealer. You can also be certain that it is being disposed inline with rules and regulations.

Don’t accept or pay cash for your metal scrap

Even scrap metal license-holders can’t offer cash for scrap metal or scrap of any kind. As part of the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 legislation, it became illegal to pay cash for any scrap. If a scrap dealer offers you cash, you know that you and the scrap dealer are breaking the law. Decline and seek out a scrap dealer who follows the rules so everything is above board. Electronic bank payments are now the normal way of buying and selling scrap metals.

Licensed local scrap metal merchant

Ensure you’re selling your scrap metal in an legal way. Use a reputable, licensed local scrap yard in your area. With some scrap metal merchants, you might have to deliver the scrap metal to the yard yourself. Other scrap metal merchants will offer a scrap metal collection service. Always make sure they have the correct scrap metal licenses for both services first!

At Reclamet, we have all the relevant correct credentials. We’re ISO 9001:2015 accredited, a licensed waste transfer station. Authorised treatment facility for scrap cars, waste carriers license, environmental agency license. You can be sure we’re reliable and have all the licenses acquired by law.

Call Reclamet today on: 01843 823554 / 01843 823224 or email:

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