Cable Recycling

A cable is an insulated wire or wires housed within a protective casing which is used to transmit electricity or telecommunication signals. The most common metal found in electrical cables is copper, although aluminium and steel are also used. Less frequently gold and silver might be used in electric cables, but are too costly for wide commercial usage.

What are the different types of cables?

There are many different types of cables with a variety of different material compounds: flexible wire cables, household cables, power cables, weee recycling, electronic devices, waste electrical and electronic equipment, underground cables, copper and aluminum cables, and high-voltage cables with V-PE sheaths. Inherently, the strands in the core are valuable as a secondary raw material due to the high metal content. In most cases, the individual materials in the cable or flexible wire adhere very closely to one another. To expose and process these fractions requires recycling technology that produces small grain sizes for optimum separation.

Top prices paid for scrap cables

Here at Reclamet we buy all grades of cables and the prices vary greatly. We buy low grade cable, armoured cable, all household cable and Vulcanised Indian Rubber (VIR) plus all single core and multi core cable. We guarantee to pay the best prices on all scrap cables for cable recycling.

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