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Do you have a scrap car to sell in Kent?
Reclamet based in Thanet, Kent is a Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF). We buy any cars, cars damaged in accidents, high mileage vehicles and end of life vehicles. We offer the best scrap car prices of all car scrap dealers in Kent.

Do you have a old car or end of life vehicle that needs scrapping?
If you have an old car and you do not know what to do with it, have you considered having the car scrapped? Reclamet enables people to dispose of old, and unwanted vehicles.

Do you need your scrap car collecting?
We’ll collect your vehicle free of charge and give you the best price around. Reclamet is a professional vehicle and scrap metal dealer serving customers across Kent.

We can collect scrap cars near me in any condition. MOT failures, abandoned cars, damaged vehicles as well as scrap metals from all areas of Kent.

We can recover vehicles from your address within 24 or 48 hours and always at a time that is convenient to you. This means minimal hassle for you and a quick and easy service.

Should you have any queries, then please contact a member of our team on 01843 823554 / 01843 823224. Request your scrap car collection and what payment you will receive. You can also contact us via email and let us know your scrap a car query.

Best service when it comes to car scrap dealers
Reclamet provides a professional and friendly service to individuals or businesses in Kent. We guarantee the best scrap car prices in Thanet and Kent.

Scrap a car for a greener future
We focus upon lowering waste and increasing recycling. Providing us all with a controlled and reduced sustainability impact wherever possible. A scrap car is much greener than an abandoned car and the owner paid for scrapping their car.

Making sure your car is scrapped legally
Licensed with the local authorities and the environment agency. Authorised Treatment Facility for car recycling. All waste materials are disposed of responsibly.

Reclamet follows all environmental disposal methods as per ELV/ATF guidelines and legislation.

We will scrap your car in line with End of Life (ELV) Legislation. We can also provide you with a Certificate of Destruction which we file online with the DVLA. So you can rest assured your car has been legally scrapped.

Hassle free way to scrapping a car
For a hassle free way to scrap your car in Kent, please complete the fields in the form. Get your quick, no-obligation quotation completely for free via our website.

A friendly member of our dedicated team will call you promptly to offer you a quote for your scrap car. If accepted, we can then arrange for the drop off or collection of your vehicle.

Sell your vehicle to us to generate capital
Selling a used car for scrap is a an excellent way of generating a small amount of capital. Car recycling also forms an important role in environmental protection.

When Reclamet receives a vehicle it is stripped of all its non-metallic parts. All stripped parts are either refurbished and used, or recycled and disposed. The metal from the vehicle is melted down and the different composites are separated. After the metals have been extracted, metals are sold to the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers make use of them in new commodities, such as cars.

Get the best price for your unwanted or damaged car today!
Instant payment and all DVLA paperwork processed at once. We buy any broken, damaged and unwanted vehicles that are not worth registering any more.

We pay some of the best prices for your scrap car in Kent. We also offer a convenient free vehicle removal collection service.

Scrap car prices
If you have a scrap vehicle or are thinking about using a car disposal service then why not contact us right away. Reclamet will process your vehicle and documents by ELV government guidelines. All vehicles we recycle or scrap follows strict safety and environmental guidelines.

We are committed to running an environmentally friendly car scrap dealers.

Call Reclamet today on: 01843 823554 / 01843 823224 or email:

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