Copper Prices in the UK, Today

Updated May 2021

Copper Prices (per ton)*
Dry Bright Wire (No Rope) Loose  – £6,770
Bright Rope Wire (Thin gauge) – £6,190
Greasy Bright Copper Wire – £6,090
Clean New Tube – £6,640
Flat Electro – £6,640
No1 Copper Wire – £6,090
Heavy Copper 98% – £6,060
No 2 Copper Wire – £5,750
Clean Tanks – £5,540
Braziery – £4,970
Clean Pyro – £2,590
Copper Elements Loose – £2,450

*Scrap metal prices change on a daily basis. The above prices are based on estimates per ton.
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Copper Recycling

Copper is an element and a mineral essential to our everyday lives. It is an important industrial metal because of its high malleability. and ductility. Copper also has electrical and thermal conductivity and resistance to corrosion. On the Periodic Table of Elements, Copper is element number 29. Copper is a non-ferrous, semi-precious, malleable metal. Copper has applications in areas such as electronics and electricity. Also used in building construction, plumbing and industry, transportation, architecture and consumer products. Copper has an infinite life since it can be recycled from one product to another without loss. Manufacturers scrap copper from all types of products ranging from computers to motors. Scrap Copper prices depend on various factors when it comes to pricing. An important factor is the grade of copper recycling, below is an explanation of the scrap copper types and grades.

What are the different types of scrap copper?
  • Dry Bright Copper Wire
  • Clean Flat Copper Electro
  • Clean Copper Tube
  • New Copper Tube
  • Burnt Wire No 1
  • Greasy Bright Wire
  • Heavy Copper 98%
  • Tinned Copper 98%
  • Heavy Copper 95%
  • Burnt No 2 Wire 94%
  • Laquered Wire 94%
  • Thin Gauge Tinned Rope Wire 94%
  • Copper Tanks (Element Free) 92%
  • Braziery Copper 88%
  • Lead Washed Grey Braziery (Steel Free)
  • Copper Elements (From Tanks)
What are the different grades of copper?

Bare Bright Copper
Bare bright copper is the most valuable type of scrap copper. This unalloyed and uncoated copper is free of paint, insulation and other impurities. Copper piping is not included within the classification. Dry bright copper for scrap is no thinner than 16 gauge in thickness – which is of #1 copper quality.

#1 Copper
#1 copper is the second most valuable grade. This category is like bare bright copper but has traces of oxidation. Scrap copper in this grade include clippings, bus bars and clean copper tubing. #1 copper must be free of insulation, fittings, solder and paint.

#2 Copper
#2 copper grade is scrap copper that has a dirty appearance. The copper material content in this category should be between 94% to 96%. Copper pipe or unalloyed wire that has paint, solder, coating or tarnishes is #2 copper. If damage is not extensive, copper fittings with oxidation are generally accepted.

#1 Insulated Wire
Copper of this type covers unalloyed, clean, untinned and uncoated wires. Plastic wire insulation with a gauge thickness of 16 or above is acceptable. You do not need to strip insulation.

#2 Insulated Wire
Double, plastic or heavy insulated unalloyed copper wire with a gauge thinner than 16. Electronics wiring, extension cords and gadgets are acceptable for this category type. Insulated wires with nickel and tin coatings are usually classed as number 2. Wire should look like #2 copper grade with no insulation.

Copper is one of the most valuable recyclable metals

UK businesses can gain extra profit from recycling copper waste to scrap metal merchants. Scrap copper can be re-used and re-purposed without any loss to the metal’s quality. It’s estimated around 80 per cent of all copper used is re-purposed and recycled. Copper is either copper cable or copper metal in classification.

Copper recycling for commercial businesses in the UK

We collect, buy and recycle non-ferrous metals including copper from businesses across Kent. If your business produces any scrap copper waste. Recycle your copper with us for an extra source of profit for your organisation.

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