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      Reclamet is your number one choice for scrap recycling in Kent, licensed ATF recycling centre, top price quotes, same-day payment

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      End of life vehicles (ELV)

      We salvage, dismantle and recycle all kinds of end of life vehicles. This involves everything from vehicle collection and disposal, to the recycling of brake fluids and oils, ensuring the least impact to the environment.

      So if you have a scrap car, scrap van, scrap truck or MOT failure you can rely on us to not only ensure it is disposed of properly, but also get paid at the best rate for your scrap metal. Reclamet are your number one choice for end of life vehicle recycling in Kent.

      Plastics and uPVC recycling

      uPVC window and door frames are building materials that are often discarded when no longer in use. Reclamet’s uPVC recycling service ensures that we lessen the amount of plastic that land up in landfills.

      By reducing the waste that goes to landfills through uPVC window and door recycling, we help businesses save costs on waste disposal and, for approved cases, offer a rebate when they choose to recycle their uPVC window frames and doors.

      Manufacturing scrap recycling

      Turn your waste metal into an income stream makes real business sense. If you are looking for a good experience and working relationship, then contact Reclamet today to discuss your waste metals and any requirements.

      We collect scrap metal from factory and site clearances, plant machinery, production equipment, conveyor systems, plumbing and heating components, commercial refrigeration, air conditioning units, metal building structures and structural steel plates.

      Specialists in recycling scrap

      We are specialists in recycling metals and a established scrap metal business taking scrap from industry to households and end of life vehicles. We hold a waste management licence and work closely with environment agency.

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