Industrial, Commercial and Trade Scrap Metal Service

Reclamet is a full-service scrap metal recycling company. We specialise in servicing the scrap needs of marine, transportation, industrial, commercial and energy industries in Kent, United Kingdom. Using our years of experience and resources, we offer reliable, innovative solutions to meet any project’s needs.

We primarily purchase ferrous metals, such as turnings, plate and structural (P&S), heavy metal steel (HMS) and white goods. We also buy non-ferrous metals (aluminium, brass, copper, stainless steel, etc.) on a case-by-case basis.

What are the top five industries that produce scrap metal?

Auto Manufacturing Industry

Vehicle parts are widely used in scrap metal recycling. Aluminium and steel are examples of the most common metals found within this industry.

Construction Industry

The construction industry is a major source of scrap metals. The construction industry generates vast amounts of scrap from residential, new homes, high-rise, towers, and commercial buildings. Carbon steel is used in construction; electrical components, piping, and wiring are common scrap metals, usually copper.

Aviation Industry

Like the auto body and auto manufacturing industry, aeroplane manufacturing develops many spare parts in their plants. Common metals seen within this industry include aluminium, titanium, and steel.

Home Appliance/Appliance Industry

Appliances can range from home washers, dryers and industrial kitchen equipment. Consumer demand for new products such as ovens, air conditioners, and refrigerators is constantly increasing. This creates an ongoing need for new metals, showing the importance of recycling our old appliances.

Home Furnishings Industry

Home furnishings can include furniture, large appliances and interior structures. There are many different areas of the home that can create scrap metals that you wouldn’t expect. For example, storm windows are often made with aluminium frames. Also, a screen door’s structure can be entirely made of aluminium which can be recycled.

Some examples of metal we buy and recycle

As well as iron and stainless steel, we buy:

  • Aluminium cables
  • Aluminium wheels
  • Aluminium sheets
  • Aluminium castings
  • Brass fixtures
  • Brass doorknobs
  • Brass plumbing fittings and taps
  • Brass borings and hardware
  • Copper wiring
  • Copper tubing
  • Copper pipes
  • Enamelled copper
  • Lead piping
  • Lead batteries
  • Metals from dismantling works
  • Steel construction beams
  • Steel fencing panels
  • Steel oil drums

The environmental importance of recycling scrap metal

Scrap metal can be recycled time and again without any degradation of its properties. Offering a much lower carbon footprint, it provides the raw material for new products and is a much more eco-friendly way to mass-produce.

Organised and professional business service

At Reclamet we can recycle and process factory scrap metal, garage scrap, commercial clearances and agricultural scrap.

First, we’ll get to know the task at hand, discussing with you directly what you need to start creating an action plan. We’ll then begin by mapping out every aspect, from how long we expect it to take to the transportation we’ll need, right down to the smallest of details. By doing this, we can give you a clear idea of what we’ll be doing, and we can provide an organised and complete service.

We have a set of management and planning guidelines for every project, ensuring that no part of the job is forgotten. We also make our plans to suit your unique needs, making the project entirely personal to your site.

Why choose Reclamet to recycle your metals?

  • An accredited and fully licensed scrap metal processor
  • Sustainable route for all scrap metal recycling
  • Compliant with all rules and legislation
  • Provides a comprehensive scrap metal processing service

First-class friendly service

Our team here at Reclamet are all trained and know precisely how to handle a job, ensuring you’re happy with what we do. We’re also vigilant with safety procedures, helping every job we do go smoothly. If your business produces scrap metal waste, give us a call. We can review your waste metals and provide you with a custom recycling program that maximises the value of your scrap metal.

Call Reclamet, The scrap metal specialists you can rely on:

Call: 01843 823554 / 01843 823224

Reclamet – The Recycling Centre
Woodchurch Road,
Woodchurch, Birchington,
Thanet, Kent,
England. CT7 0HL

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Reclamet reviews

Great service from Tony in the tyre department cheers

adrian burford
adrian burford2021-07-31

Always good professional service would highly recommend 👌

Albert Snelson
Albert Snelson2021-07-31

Very good service and cheap.

John Sani
John Sani2021-07-31

A good experience, we needed two part warm tyres for the wife, we turned up, the tyres fitted and we drove away 30 minutes late job done. 🙂

John Gregory
John Gregory2021-06-30

Really friendly and helpful.

Keith Reading
Keith Reading2021-06-30

Good price for scrap metal.

Excellent customer service and communication. Prompt pick up of old car and all personnel were friendly and professional.

Sarah Trigg
Sarah Trigg2021-05-31

Booked in for my car to be collected. very efficient, well organized with no issues, money paid straight into my account the same day. The driver was very helpful and polite. Would happily use this company again.

Margate Missy
Margate Missy2021-04-30

Found the experience very easy and all staff i dealt with were very helpfull

Jerry Borrie
Jerry Borrie2021-04-30

Brought my car in to be scrapped and was offered a fair price, much more than i expected to get for my mini. The owner of the business - Stuart was very helpful along with the girls in the office and the weighbridge. Would happily recommend to friends and family.

Verity Smith
Verity Smith2021-04-30

Was unsure where to begin with locating a certain part, was recommended to Reclamet and now wouldn't go anywhere else, easy and quick process to buy what I was looking for.

Leon W
Leon W2021-04-30

Fabulous service and very straight forward. I found Stuart to be immensely helpful and knowledgeable.

Andy Morrison
Andy Morrison2021-04-30

Fantastic service. Recommended.


Excellent service from start to finish. A special mention to Sacha and Gus for their professional and helpful approach.

luke stevens
luke stevens2021-04-30

Excellent service they had exactly what I needed.

Gary Gould
Gary Gould2021-04-30

Great place found the staff very helpful and pleasant would definitely recommend them

chris obrien
chris obrien2021-04-30

Fantastic business to trade with. Stuart and the team are all extremely helpful, would highly recommend

Daniel O'Brien
Daniel O'Brien2021-04-30

Needed a few parts for my van a week ago kieran was very helpful and knowledgeable part fits and works thanks for the help highly recommended extremely professional and outstanding customer service

Adam Burkett
Adam Burkett2021-03-18

Very happy with the service I received. Helpful and friendly, even changed the battery for me. Would try them for parts fist before anywhere else.

Craig Alexander
Craig Alexander2020-11-27

Honest, great communication, great prices. Friendly. I had a damaged catalytic converter from an attempted theft and Reclamet was the only company that had adequate communication and was not dodgy as most of the other scrap metal dealers seemed. So it was well-worth my drive from central London to Kent to get the £784 they paid me for the catalytic converter. Impressive :-)

Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson2020-11-27

Friendly staff helpful and have most things in stock

Sam Small
Sam Small2020-11-20

Great people to do business with.

Steve Ranger
Steve Ranger2020-11-20

Always go for puncture repairs, £10. Also do new and part worn tyres

Mark Wilcox
Mark Wilcox2020-11-11

Absolutely brilliant, needed some steel re-bar for a project, super friendly staff, let me pick out what I needed. Excellent, highly recommended. Will come back!

Bambi Sham
Bambi Sham2020-11-11

I needed a part for my car but didn't want to pay through the nose. i went to the shop and they found the part i needed quickly. i was very happy with my purchase.

Justin Evans
Justin Evans2020-11-11

Brilliant service

Terri Green
Terri Green2020-10-11

Very friendly both over the phone and in person. Had all the parts I needed. Matt was extremely helpful and went out his way to find all the parts I needed.


Got new wheel for my fiat 500 less than third of price as another dealer, highly recommend

Lucy Bryant
Lucy Bryant2020-08-11

Bought two new tires, balanced and fittedStaff are professional and courteous.

Alex Broadley
Alex Broadley2020-08-11

Bought a car from them no problems at all highly recommend to all.

Nigel Nelly
Nigel Nelly2020-03-11

Great service, no problems had a new tyre fitted, and new headlight for my car. Very reasonable prices. Staff polite and helpful. Will use again.

Vicky xxx
Vicky xxx2020-02-11

Great price, quick job, excellent all round.

Chris Hazelden
Chris Hazelden2019-12-11

Brilliant service as always,Good price and fitting.

Adam Messenger
Adam Messenger2019-12-11

Saying goodbye to my faithful old car was a wrench but the man at the kiosk was so kind. Excellent service, no mucking around but understanding. Good rate for scrap too. Thank you.

Davina Holness
Davina Holness2018-12-11

Good as gold every time I visit.

Graham Palmer
Graham Palmer2018-04-01

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