Scrap Metal And Car Collection

Scrap metal is a valuable resource in the 21st century and collecting scrap for recycling is a big business nowadays. A large number of UK scrap metal merchants offer collection services using flat bed lorries, bulker and other specialist vehicles. Some companies have the capability to recycle almost all types of non-ferrous and ferrous metals ready for the smelting of new materials.

Each year, seven million used cars are sold in the United Kingdom, and another two million cars are scrapped. The disposal of end of life vehicles is governed by strict environmental rules, also some rules have been designed to kerb metal and copper theft. When scrapping your car, it is illegal for the car owner to be paid by cash.

So, what is most efficient way to get dispose of a end of life vehicle? Where can you find the best prices?

Scrap metal and car collection: local recycling centers

Dozens of scrap metal businesses appear under “scrap a car” in Google search. Many promise to pay instantly and collect a car quickly as well. The vehicle owner can get a value estimate by filling in a quote form or calling the scrap dealer. The price quoted can depend on whether the car is collected or the vehicle owner takes the car to the salvage yard.

In 2005, rules came into force making it a legal requirement for any end of life vehicle, including cars for scrapping, must be recycled and processed through a authorised treatment facility. All end of life vehicle collection points should be fully licensed to ensure that scrapped vehicles are recycled inline with rules and regulations and the same time not harming the environment.

Scrap metal collection. important vehicle documents

Every time your car passes over to a 3rd party, it is a requirement in law that you notify the Vehicle Licensing Agency and the Driver to confirm that you are no longer the registered holder of the vehicle. Some end of life recycle services take care of the DVLA official papers at the point of scrap metal collection for their clients. If you do not inform the DVLA, the fine can be GBP 1,000.

How do I scrap my car?

If your vehicle has come to the end of its life span, you need to address the authorized treatment facility only.

The scrapping process includes the following procedural stages (a write-off technique is different to what is explained below):

  • If you want to retain your registration number then first apply to DVLA to keep it
  • Organize scrap car collection from a authorized treatment facility
  • Make sure you have the logbook for your vehicle and that the yellow slip is present
  • Report to DVLA if your vehicle has been taken to a legal maintenance facility

Scrap metal and car collection: Payments

  • No cash
  • Proof of personal identification and payment should be certified.

Payment Options are:

  • BREAD CARD or electronic transfer to a bank account.

Any scrap metal dealer offering cash should be avoided.

Visit a scrap metal and car collection salvage yard

There is no problem delivering a small amount of scrap metal yourself to your local scrap yard. Many households have mainly scrap metal of low value. The end of life vehicle is weighed twice: at the scrap metal collection location, and again at the salvage recycling center. The difference in weight determines the amount of money paid to you for your scrap car.

Always remember the law

Follow all rules and regulations when it comes to scrap car collection and remember to contact the Vehicle Licensing Agency and Driver when selling your car to a scrap yard.

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