Alloy Wheels Repair, Replace, Recycle Alloy Wheels

Are you looking to repair alloy wheels?
We have a fully equipped tyre bay, offering tyre and wheel services to suit your needs.

Why not sell your alloy wheels for scrap and replace instead?
Reclamet are buyers and sellers of all aluminium wheels and alloy wheel rims in Thanet and Kent. Are you replacing the alloy wheels on your car or vehicle? Call us today.

Recycle alloy wheels
Recycling alloy wheels typically attracts a value of around £900 per tonne. Prices of scrap metal change on a daily basis and we look at current supply and demand, the type and grade of alloys. This price is based on a price per ton (tonne) estimate, for up to date scrap alloy prices contact us.

What scrap alloy wheels do we accept or sell?
We recycle, scrap and sell all alloy wheels, of all sizes, style and weights. We stock alloy wheels that feature on many cars.

Buyers of aluminium wheels in Thanet and Kent
We buy aluminium wheels in and around Thanet and Kent. We offer a collection service or you can drop off your aluminium wheels for recycling at the yard. For alloy wheels in sets and good condition we can offer a higher price based on their resale value.

What are alloy wheels made of?
Alloy wheels are made by combining two metals (aluminium and magnesium). Alloy have greater strength and corrosion resistance.

What are the advantages of alloy wheels?
Alloy wheels are popular due to their reduced weight and handling at speed. Alloy Wheels are often featured on high-performance cars.

Environmental benefits when recycling alloy wheels
It takes alot of energy and resources to extract pure aluminium from bauxite ore. Recycling aluminium uses less energy versus producing aluminium from raw materials by up to 95% and also protects the future of the environment, which is very important.

Where can I repair, replace, recycle or scrap my alloy wheels in Thanet or Kent?
Reclamet – The Recycling Centre, Woodchurch Road, Woodchurch, Birchington, Thanet, Kent, England. CT7 0HL.
Bring your alloy wheels directly to our yard. We will be able to check the quality and weight before offering you a price on site.

Local scrap alloy metal collection
We offer a local collection service for larger quantities of scrap alloy wheels.
If you are thinking of sending your car to a scrap yard for recycling. We buy and sell used alloy wheels in any quantity, trade and private customers are welcome. Give us a call if you need your scrap alloy wheels collected.

Call us today on 01843 823554

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Are you looking for alloy wheels repair, replace, recycle or scrap services in Kent? Look no further than Reclamet, your local experts

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