Brass Prices in the UK, Today

Updated 29th July, 2021

Brass Prices (per ton/tonne)*
Brass Cutts – £3,840
Brass Rod – £3,780
No 1 Brass Borings – £2,850
No 2 Brass Borings – £2,450
Mixed Brass (No Shells/Bullets) – £3,780

*Scrap metal prices change on a daily basis. The above prices are based on estimates per ton.
For the latest Brass or Bronze prices get a scrap quote or call 01843 823554.

Brass and Bronze Recycling

Brass and Bronze are copper alloys containing copper with various other metal compounds. When you combine zinc, tin, lead or copper, a new metal is formed that is called Bronze or Brass. Other metals can be present, depending on the purpose of the metal.

One of the earliest known metal alloys is Bronze, known as the Bronze age dating back thousands of years.

Why are there different types of brass and bronze?

Strength, appearance and corrosion resistance are reason for different brass and bronze types.

Why are bronze and brass different?

Bronze and brass are very similar metals. Brass in general is a copper alloy containing more zinc. Bronze contains a higher tin content.

What are the different types of brass and bronze?
Brass recycling
  • Mixed Brass – comprising of assorted clean brass solids
  • Brass Borings & Turnings – machine excess from cut brass
  • Brass & Copper Compo Rads (Steel Free)
  • Brass Radiators (Steel Free)
  • Gunmetal – example: industrial plumbing fittings
  • Gunmetal Turnings – machine excess from cut gunmetal
Brass recycling types

Brass Heater Cores, Brass Hair Wire, Brass Pipe, Clean Brass Radiators, Brass Shells, Clean Brass Turnings, Red Brass Composition Scrap, Composition Scrap, Brass Taps, Mixed Brass Castings, Brass Valves, Rod Brass, Rod Brass Turnings, Chrome Plated Brass, Semi-Red Brass, Refined Re-brass & Copper, Unclean Brass Radiators, Dirty Brass Radiators, Dirty Brass Plumbers Brass, Refinery Brass, Red Brass Turnings, Old Yellow Brass, New Brass Clips, Yellow Brass Turnings, C Metal, C&F Metal (cocks & faucets), Clean Auto Radiators, Unclean Auto Radiators, Nickel Silver Solids, Nickel Silver Turnings, Brass Wire Nodules, Clean Brass Wire, Insulated Brass Wire, Mixed Wire Connectors, Brass Dross, Irony Brass, Other Brass.

Bronze recycling
  • Mixed Bronze
  • Bronze Turnings
  • Phosphor Bronze
  • Bronze Crown Wheels/Gears
  • Manganese Bronze Solids
  • Manganese Bronze Turnings
  • Bronze Dross
Other bronze recycling types

Mixed Wire Connectors, Irony Bronze, Aluminium Bronze Solids, Aluminium Bronze Turnings, Other Bronze.

Common properties and usage of brass and bronze


  • Copper and Zinc alloy
  • Yellow in colour
  • Often used as a substitute of gold
  • Usage in low pressure plumbing fittings
  • Used for sink drains and fixtures (often chrome plated)
  • Car radiators
  • Door Knobs
  • Trim Hardware


  • Copper and Tin alloy
  • More coppery colour than yellow
  • Harder than Brass
  • High pressure fittings and applications
  • Water fittings
  • Fire hose couplings and similar uses
Reclamet pay top prices for brass and bronze.
Tel: 01843 823554 / 01843 823224
Scrap metal types
Further reading about brass and bronze:
Brass – Wikipedia, Bronze – Wikipedia
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Reclamet reviews

Honest, great communication, great prices. Friendly. I had a damaged catalytic converter from an attempted theft and Reclamet was the only company that had adequate communication and was not dodgy as most of the other scrap metal dealers seemed. So it was well-worth my drive from central London to Kent to get the £784 they paid me for the catalytic converter. Impressive :-)

Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson2020-11-27

Bought two new tires, balanced and fittedStaff are professional and courteous.

Alex Broadley
Alex Broadley2020-08-11

Maciej Widelski
Maciej Widelski2021-01-01

James Daglish
James Daglish2020-10-11

Very friendly both over the phone and in person. Had all the parts I needed. Matt was extremely helpful and went out his way to find all the parts I needed.


Always go for puncture repairs, £10. Also do new and part worn tyres

Mark Wilcox
Mark Wilcox2020-11-11

Great price, quick job, excellent all round.

Chris Hazelden
Chris Hazelden2019-12-11

Got new wheel for my fiat 500 less than third of price as another dealer, highly recommend

Lucy Bryant
Lucy Bryant2020-08-11

Onisim Bereczki
Onisim Bereczki2021-03-11

Brilliant service as always,Good price and fitting.

Adam Messenger
Adam Messenger2019-12-11

Bought a car from them no problems at all highly recommend to all.

Nigel Nelly
Nigel Nelly2020-03-11

Needed a few parts for my van a week ago kieran was very helpful and knowledgeable part fits and works thanks for the help highly recommended extremely professional and outstanding customer service

Adam Burkett
Adam Burkett2021-03-18

Rich Kilbride
Rich Kilbride2020-10-11

Brilliant service

Terri Green
Terri Green2020-10-11

Good as gold every time I visit.

Graham Palmer
Graham Palmer2018-04-01

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Gary Hudson2020-09-11


Stuart Mann
Stuart Mann2020-11-11

Absolutely brilliant, needed some steel re-bar for a project, super friendly staff, let me pick out what I needed. Excellent, highly recommended. Will come back!

Bambi Sham
Bambi Sham2020-11-11

Great service, no problems had a new tyre fitted, and new headlight for my car. Very reasonable prices. Staff polite and helpful. Will use again.

Vicky xxx
Vicky xxx2020-02-11

I needed a part for my car but didn't want to pay through the nose. i went to the shop and they found the part i needed quickly. i was very happy with my purchase.

Justin Evans
Justin Evans2020-11-11

Saying goodbye to my faithful old car was a wrench but the man at the kiosk was so kind. Excellent service, no mucking around but understanding. Good rate for scrap too. Thank you.

Davina Holness
Davina Holness2018-12-11

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