Gunmetal (Red Brass) Prices in the UK, Today

Updated 18th October, 2021

Gun Metal Prices (per ton/tonne)*
Gun Metal Scrap – £4,800
Phosphor Bronze – £5,000
CB Rads – £3,100

*Scrap metal prices change on a daily basis. The above prices are based on estimates per ton.
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Gunmetal (Red Brass)

Gunmetal, also known as red brass in the United States, is a type of bronze alloy containing copper, tin, and zinc, measurements vary containing 8–10% tin, 2–4% zinc and 88% copper approximately. Originally used for making guns, it has been replaced by steel. Gunmetal casts and machines well and is resistant to corrosion from steam and saltwater. Used to make steam and hydraulic castings, valves, gears, statues and various objects. Gunmetal has a specific gravity of 8.7, a tensile strength of 221 to 310 MPa and a Brinell hardness of 65 to 74. Gunmetal has a melting point of around 1,000 degrees Celsius.

What is gunmetal made of?

Gunmetal also known as G Metal is a variety of bronze, used in the past for ordnance. Modern admiralty gunmetal is composed of 88 per cent copper, 10 per cent tin, and 2 per cent zinc. Used for gears and bearings that are subject to heavy loads and low speeds.

How much is gunmetal worth?

Refer to our price table for up to date prices for scrapping Gunmetal (Red Brass) alloys per ton.

What are gun metals used for?

Gun metals have been used for at least 2,000 years. Popular because of ease of casting, good strength and corrosion resistance. Early uses included brooches, mirror cases, church doors, fonts and statues. Cannon’s in medieval times led to the term ‘gun metal’. This term is now obsolete with the manufacture of steel ordnance.

Gunmetals are used for intricate castings in manufacture, castings for pumps, valves and pipe fittings and also need to be pressure tight. Gun metal is used for bearings where loads and speeds are moderate.

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Gunmetal Alloys - Red Brass Alloy
Gunmetal Alloy

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